Small Details For A Rustic Vacationland Wedding

"Vacationland", "The Pine Tree State" and "The way life should be" are all used to describe the wild and wonderful state of Maine. From luscious forest to rocky coast, there are many ways to incorporate the rustic nature of Maine into your wedding. Here are six details we at Aurora believe can help make your Maine wedding sing!

1. Oyster Shell Place Setting: If you're planning a coastal wedding, we have just the thing! An oyster place setting adds the most perfect and simple touch, reminding your guests of Maine and tying in to your destination wedding theme.  

2. Pine cone Boutonniere: As the states official flower (yep that's right, flower!), it's only right that you include pine cones somewhere in your Maine wedding! Adding a small pine cone alongside flowers or a sprig of pine into your groomsmen's boutonnieres is a unique and interesting twist on the traditional flower.

Recipe and Image by  Olivia . 

Recipe and Image by Olivia

3. Blueberry Cake: We don't know about you, but when we think of blueberries, we think of Maine. The tiny, sweet berry is a perfect decoration or ingredient in your rustic Maine wedding cake. Not only is it delicious, but the berry adds a perfect pop of color, especially if you're planning a coastal wedding. 

4. A Touch of Pine: Much like the pine cone, a sprig of pine is just as "rustic Maine", and is a great visual addition to tablescapes, bouquets, or in this case, wedding itineraries for your guests. Pine also adds a beautiful aroma, hinting to yet another traditional Maine scent. 

5. Rustic Seating: When thinking of a rustic wedding, words like "countryside", "eclectic" and "simple" come to mind. By creating mix-matched, wooden chair seating like in the photo above, you portray the rustic theme to perfection. By using wood chairs, instead of metal or plastic, you bring a warm and antique look, which also blends well with your rustic theme. 

Image by  Shore Shotz . Design by  Sko-Designs . 

Image by Shore Shotz. Design by Sko-Designs

6. Help For Those From Away: Many from away will love that lobster is on you wedding reception menu, but they might not know, or remember how to eat a lobster properly! By adding these cute infographics to your tables, you will not only help your guests, but you will add yet another rustic touch to your Maine wedding.